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[Note: my version of Methos is chronologically pre-Endgame and the Source. Anything mentioned from that time period will therefore likely be met with a blank look]


Name: Methos (known to most of the world as Adam Pierson unless specified otherwise)
Age: physically 28, actually around 5000
Immortal (can only be killed by beheading, all other injuries heal quickly depending on the extent/severity of them)
'Verse:  Highlander 
Currently unemployed (saving up over the years has afforded him a decent pile of cash to work with), formerly a Watcher.  Currently taking graduate classes at the local community college (majoring in Ancient History

Resident Location:  TBD



Live. Grow stronger. Fight another day.

Millennia of existence have made Methos a world-weary individual, wary of new things. Not to say he doesn't appreciate the new, but he tends to exist as more of a force of nature than a person, slow to adapt to the changing ways but adaptable when he realises it's necessary. Most pop culture escapes him, not so much because he lacks interest as it changes so often from his perspective that it seems pointless to attempt to keep up with it; he's seen civilisations rise and fall, leadership change hands so often it's almost become laughable in his eyes, fads come and go. Baseball baffles him, modern music for the most part sounds like bees buzzing as far as he's concerned, and forget most television. Nothing is permanent. As a result, he's largely jaded with the world around him; he's seen everything there is to see, everything is just cycles and it's just so boring.

That's the problem with living so long; after a while it all blurs together and nothing's exciting or interesting, it's all...blah. Predictable. He's gotten bored with life, and as a result tries vainly to find something new, something interesting...with limited success, much to his frustration.  It's why he travels so often, suddenly picks up and flies off to Morocco, or Trinidad, or France; it's a means to occupy himself, to try to find something that's new or different.

This is where Duncan comes in.  Two or so years of occasionally throwing his lot in with the younger Immortal has done something to relieve his boredom, whether he wants the excitement or not, and as time has passed he's gradually become less reluctant in his part in it.

Why would I tell the truth?

Methos would have you believe he dates back to before there were rules. Before there was such a thing as chivalry, before common decency was a thing to strive for, and therefore they are foreign concepts to him, beneath him. To a degree this is even true; he's been around for over 5000 years, before the Celts, before the Vikings, before the ancients invented the first form of writing, even. It was a simpler time then, one not quite so bogged down by what you should do as what was necessary for survival, and much of his life and behavior reflects this.

He lies compulsively, although whether it's for a practical reason or just for fun even he doesn't really know. He cheats, he balks at stealing unless it's necessary, but only because he usually finds it too much trouble. He's a coward, entirely content to go off the grid for months or years, sometimes decades, at a time if he feels threatened enough (although the fact that he avoids fighting and taking heads doesn't mean he's incapable - he rarely loses a fight unless its intentional), and the type of person you usually try not to have on your side because you're never entirely certain which side he's on; he tends to side with whoever's winning at the time, too much of a survivalist to bother with idealism and which side's "right". History is written by the victors, after all, while the losers' story gets trampled in the dust regardless of whether their account is the correct one or not. His extremely long life has made him arrogant, certain that he is correct about most things regardless of whether or not he actually is, although he's aware of his own failings and limitations (he just doesn't like to admit to them). He's ruthless to a fault, when it suits him, anyhow, to the point where he will do absolutely whatever is necessary to accomplish something, regardless of whom he might hurt in the process. They're unimportant, after all, every individual ultimately valueless under the goal of preserving his own skin.

Methos hides his true self under the mask of Adam Pierson, a mask that he's kept in place so long that the seams are almost invisible.  He seems harmless to first appearances, nothing more than a scholarly type.   A little socially awkward, a little brusque, a lot snarky and probably too smart for his own good, with a keen and cutting intellect that he's more than happy to turn on whoever he thinks deserves it., but ultimately harmless, good for intellectual debate but a coward by nature, more likely to retreat to the shadows when things get dicey.  But now and again the real Methos shines through, a being much more primal and based in violent tendencies than you might expect.  He spent  a few hundred years as one of the Horsemen, after all, and millennia of watching the world pass has molded him into a being much less human than the face he presents. 

It's not that simple. We are all both, good and evil, we have rage and compassion, we have love and hate...murder and forgiveness.

But at the same time, Methos isn't all he seems, or would have you think he is.

He doesn't make friends easily, having learned long ago that most of them will turn to dust long before he will.  Years of relative (voluntary) isolation have made him ill-equipped to interact with the people around him in any sort of meaningful way, causing him to come across as standoffish and rude even when he tries to be well-intentioned. However, once he's managed to make a friend he's surprisingly steadfast and loyal. He would put the well-being of a friend above his own in a heartbeat (if absolutely necessary), proving he does have a conscience...somewhere (Duncan's doing mostly, he would inform you with no little amount of disgust, but this isn't entirely true). He would just prefer to pretend he doesn't; pity, guilt, and being concerned about whether something is right or not never actually did him much good so far, so he's opted to ignore them

His continued standoffishness and cold exteriour should not be mistaken for unfeeling.  Methos feels deeply, cares strongly for those he counts as friends, and even his enemies or former friends can still stir strong emotions.  Experience has taught him to keep outward feelings in check, but they still seep through despite his best efforts; attempts on Duncan's life stir him to anger, killing a man he saw as his brother moved him to tears, a dying girlfriend spurred him to love-fuelled acts out of desperation, the reappearance of Cassandra elicited intense guilt.  He may try to pin some of these things as Duncan's influence, but it's really not the case.

As mentioned, Methos is fiercely loyal to those he feels have earned it.  He will do whatever is required to help his friends, ignoring normal rules of behavior and conduct to achieve this goal; killing the individual in order to help them is not out of the question (considering those he would kill tend not to stay dead for long), nor is acting against his own friends if he thinks it's necessary.  As said before, he can be extremely ruthless when the situation requires it, and given that he's much more loose about acceptable behavior and morals, he's  willing to go further than perhaps others would.  Pissing his friends off in order to help them is acceptable, his friends dying or getting hurt because he wasn't willing to go as far as was necessary to prevent it is not.  Of course, if the initial attempt fails he doesn't lose much sleep over not finding an alternative, but even so.

         See relevant note (when I post it).  Methos has so much history I'm sooo not going into it here.


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